more than a sneak, a giveaway;

if you’re anybody like me, in which case i’d be terrified because i’m sure that would cause the space-time-continuum would fold in on itself if we sneezed at the same time*, you like cute things.

you build elaborately curated pinboards on pinterest of your ideal kitchens, puppies, husbands, tattooed forearms, refrigerators (i hope not).

sneakpeeq is likely to become your virtual bff, in that those precious aprons you secretly pine to bake vegan cupcakes with are right at your pretty little fingertips. um, can i have four of those?

sneakpeeq is like a curated gallery and marketplace of all those things you secretly pine for in the night. each day a sale is presented and curated (sales on fig chocolate?!). and if you really are like me (please don’t sneeze near me), you like sales. i’ve always said “cheap is my favorite price”.

so if you are the chevron-necklace-loving, fig-chocolate-noshing, yuzu-juice-imbibing type of person (and who isn’t?) then you can take those same pretty little fingers and enter to win a snazzy $15 dollar giftcard to go wild on sneakpeeq.

“but..but…what do i have to do, mackenzie? i want to buy you at least three aprons to bake earl grey cupcakes in!” i hear you asking and pleading.

all you have to do is sign up at sneakpeeq at this link (only new users, pretty please. and only from the u.s. sorry brit-babies).

and in addition, all readers can enjoy 20% off their sneakpeeq purchase (buy me aprons, please)!

um. what are you waiting for?
i’ll announce the winner next week, which gives you plenty of time to get addicted to sneakpeeq. ya dig? ya dig.

*yet again, too many late night “twilight zone” viewings.


One thought on “more than a sneak, a giveaway;

  1. I was going to say thank you for sharing this site, and then I realized I do far too much online wish-shopping and this was just going to be another outlet for me to waste my precious time looking at very beautiful things and sweet deals, so… thank you šŸ™‚ I love it already.

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