twenty one’s to do list;

go to all of the states in the northeast (maine & vermont, i’m looking at you.)

apply to  grad schools (so far, the list is at twelve. have mercy.)

sip lavender lemonade in cape cod in the summertime.

bus trips to montreal.

brunch dates with ladyfriends.

get a cat and try not to suddenly have six cats (i know myself too well).

publish stories.

finish novel-baby #2.

get better at calling people back.

read favorite children’s books in german.

plan graduation trip (greece and germany are beckoning to me).

bake more often. pavlovas & baklava need to be in my belly now.

stand up for myself and ask for what i want.

ask boys out on a date. make eve ensler and gloria steinem proud.

sing in public.

do stand-up.

learn latin (don’t ask questions. is it sad that this was one of my childhood dreams?)

dancing. always. and forever. a dance festival in maine next month(!!!)

needless to say, homegirl is pumped.

…inspired by a post by my lovely-nearly-birthday-twin, emily.

also, have you entered my giveaway yet? no? you’re crazypants.


3 thoughts on “twenty one’s to do list;

  1. I know, I’ve been making grad school lists in the last few days (instead of writing papers like I should be doing…). I can’t believe I’ll be applying in only half a year. Insane! What do you want to study?

  2. Sooo excited for these things to be accomplished and posted here…particularly the cat part. 😀

    Brunch is my favorite thing ever, so let me know if you need help with that one. (Gaslight is AMAZING.)

    And I will also come watch you do stand up and laugh really hard at all your jokes, even if they’re not funny. (Cheerleader, yah?)

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