{sounds like} the onset of summer + warmed up oceans;

i had the pleasure of going to a concert for one of my favorite bands, tennis, a few weeks ago. get this: main guitarist and his wife (the lead singer) spent an entire year on a boat, sailing up and down the east coast. and then they wrote an album about it. now if that doesn’t get hurt your ovaries, i don’t know what will. i’m a bit obsessed with them, to say the least.

their music has basically been my bostonian summer playlist. when i first moved here they sounded like what i thought cape cod would be like. warmed up oceans. scaldingly hot, white sand. aloe after a sunburn. my mom and i used to buy the following two snacks whenever we went to the beach in florida: coca cola and that “smart food” white cheddar popcorn that came in the crinkly black bags. and i swear to you, my pavlovian response to tennis and their music is to get a huge 20oz coke and a bag of white cheddar popcorn. it’s that good.

and their opening act? amazing! i ended up making two friends during the opener, hospitality. frank and herb were my new friends, in their polos and chinos. they were both most likely fathers of three children and for some reason a lo-fi, obscure band seemed like the perfect way to start their friday night off. we guessed what song tennis would open with (i won) and herb told me he was going to see the kooks next month, but only if his son lost his basketball playoffs, and i told him i would cross my fingers for his team to lose.

ergo, the beauty of going to concerts by yourself. frank. herb. summer jams. and white cheddar popcorn.


3 thoughts on “{sounds like} the onset of summer + warmed up oceans;

  1. I went to my first concert over the summer. My mom told me one morning that she heard Alex from Edward Sharpe was coming to DC that night, and tickets were surprisingly still available from a third party seller. I tried to find someone to go with, but everyone was busy as it was last minute or gone. And so I went by myself. And I absolutely loved it. I didn’t make any friends, as I was too busy taking pictures and having my camera glued to my face the whole time, but now I actually love going to concerts solo. Jealous you go to see Tennis as the main act! They were the opening act for the Walkmen when I saw them.

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