what’s in your bag, revisited;

last sunday, i rose from bed with one goal in mind. to get this bag that i had been courting for three months and start a new life of lovely organization and awesomeness. because isn’t that what ever girl thinks when she gets a new bag?

you idealize where your tube of lipstick will go. how many books it will hold without giving you a bruise on your shoulder (true story: home girl over here got a bruise on her right shoulder from a book bag.) and especially how your life will change with the purchase of this new bag. but i know myself too well. and also, i once stuffed this much into a bag that i then displayed to the inter webs just under two years ago.

i went to my friend jane’s dorm as she had a few things to give me. i looked down at my purse and let out a “classic mackenzie.”

yes. that is an entire french press.

and the same keys from two years ago, plus a huge sock monkey key chain that might be the reason why i am single. another true story: i went on a date a few weeks ago and the guy seemed disturbed by the sheer size of my keychain. we only went on one more date after that. i like to believe he was just intimidated by my prowess. it’s a hard life.

a pair of hiking boots (you never know?)

my dog wallet for those moments where you just need a happy, panting husky to stare right back at you. which is to say, always.

headphones, obviously. and my so-called “muppet gloves” that i assume also intimidate all of my dating prospects.

books on books on books. only a planner, a journal, and “james und der riesenpfirsich” plus my baby german dictionary for reading on the subway. so far, no bruising.

a pink wristband from having society finalize realize that, as  a 21 year old lady  i can now order a “dirty shirley temple” (don’t google this, please) at a concert for a reggae beatles tribute band that might have been called “the yellow dubmarine”. ( you should google them. they’re great. especially this jam.)

in short, i am my bag. and i am very pleased by this, organized lipstick compartment or not.

anyways. i don’t even know how to put on lipstick, let alone find it in my purse.


5 thoughts on “what’s in your bag, revisited;

  1. ohgirl. i love everything about this. i love how your hiking boots are moccasin style. i love the yellow dubmarine (well, i just found out about them, through you, and i love them). i love your purse. your books. your journal. your pens. your burts. i also have (at least) two in my bag at once.

  2. i’m just trying to think if, “excuse me. do you have any ground coffee beans and hot water? it’s for my french press.” {whips out french press from over sized purse-bag now} i mean. do you think it could work as a pick up? because when i play out the scene in my head, it’s awesome.

  3. Love stuff like this. The last time my sister visited, we spent a whole T ride showing each other what was in both of our bags. Of course you have a French press!!!

    I asked my parents for a new backpack for Christmas. I had tons of fantasies about all the things I’d be able to carry and how much better it would feel and how organized I would be. They all came true.

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