nerd alert;

things i’ve thought this week:

“you know what, i really should do that optional seven page paper on renaissance drama. it doesn’t hurt, right?”

“man, i’m so pumped for my new glasses to come in the mail!”

“i need to watch season four of ‘gilmore girls’ this week. rory gilmore is the bomb, and i need some study inspiration anyways.”

“only eight more months until grad school deadlines! i should start courting my recommenders now.”

“i’m gonna get my ‘james und der riesenpfirsich’ on sooooooo good this weekend.”

“man, this poetry foundation app is so bomb.”

“fall 2012 is going to be the best academic semester ever.”

“oh god. this is going to be the first lesson i teach my future children.”

“…but…when am i going to study this weekend…?”

how have i not been stuffed into a trash can? riddle me this.


4 thoughts on “nerd alert;

  1. Oh dear. Sadly, I have thought at least 70% of these thoughts at some point within the last month. Some of my own editions: “These ancient burial tombs are so intricate.” and “I wonder if I could learn italian by reading Harry Potter in the language” and “Good God that boy is unbelievably sexy for knowing so much about ancient history.” So trust me, you’re not a nerd alone.

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