my happy spot;

listening to laura marling on repeat. especially this jam. and this one. 

going on the this website and getting lost for a few hours. i don’t know how people can waste so much time scrolling through tumblr when this website exists.

wearing the flats my big brother picked me out for christmas, all silvery and bow’d and perfectly sized for my monster feet.

the rustle of the green line trains underneath my chair.

bright green peacoat and happy scarf, all nestled in my favorite part of the library that overlooks the common.  on a friday afternoon, when it’s less social, more quiet, more conducive to listening to my favorite sub-genre of music, “pissed off english chicks”, and entering writing contests.

i am the happiness.  this is my spot.


4 thoughts on “my happy spot;

  1. Have you ever been to grub street? Just curious. they used to have writing workshops there. they were located on the common, by a book store! Anyway, i moved out of boston a few years ago and miss it dearly.

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