i’m bringing messy back;

i have mixed emotions about outfit posts. in some way, i think they are good for accountability purposes. they make sure i don’t  wear the same pair of tights (that mysteriously lack a crotch. don’t ask questions.) and they remind me to tell myself “homegirl,  i don’t care how cute they are, those knee socks smell like hot, sulphuric death.”

but in other ways, i feel like i’m straight up derpin’. i usually dress like a second grade teacher. or a girl who got crazy with a bag full of buttons and a bedazzler. or plain and simple, a girl who plans her outfits around a pair of fox socks or crotch-less tights. i don’t know how to make a bitchface look attractive. i also don’t live on a picturesque san franciscan hill. or have a manfriend who understands what iso is and loves taking pictures of me in a pumpkin patch. or in a grocery store parking lot. or a manfriend, for that matter.

but i felt really nice this day. and i liked this outfit. i went to tasty burger for the second time in 12 hours on saturday. i  woke up from a night spent salsa dancing. quidditch practice was canceled, so i went bowling with a friend. and by bowling i mean we walked around boston for three hours, went to two bowling alleys that had a 90+ minute wait, gave up on bowling and got the aforementioned tasty burger veggie burger of my dreamz*~

i mean, it’s not like all of the guys that work at tasty burger have a nickname*  for me or anything and think i’m a mess?

{sweater, thrifted. skirt, thrifted (h&m). sweater tights, forever twenty one}

and wore a pair of sweater tights that luckily had no enigmatic holes in them. baby steps, guys.

except i totally went to tasty burger yesterday.

….like i said, baby steps. towards tasty burger. for their onion rings.

*tinkerbell. i will take that nickname as long as they remember to put bbq sauce on my veggie burger. and give me extra onion rings.


8 thoughts on “i’m bringing messy back;

  1. I love thrifted outfits, because they inspire me to pay more attention to my thrifted outfits. =)

    Also, I love your style.

    Also also, I have a manfriend, but I’m pretty sure he will NEVER take pictures of me in a pumpkin patch with adjusted ISO. The only time he’s laid a hand on my camera is to pretend to be a photographer and take 123784782 photos of me looking angry.

  2. “that mysteriously lack a crotch. don’t ask questions.”
    i love you. your style, your writing, the fact that you’re the crassest paper writer your professor has ever graded. everything. your bit about the manfriend and pumpkin patches had me rolling.
    oooh, i’m so glad i met you.

  3. I LOVE THIS OMG. You are so cute! I giggled the whole way through the no photographer manfriend bit. I am always dying to take outfit photos, but Ryan is like…in no way a photographer, sooo I either have to get a new boyfriend or buy a tripod 😉 xoxoxoxo

  4. Ah yesss!! I’m so glad I met you last night. An iso-educated manfriend on a San Franciscan hill is my biggest desire.

  5. BBQ sauce on a veggie burger = heaven. The only reason I don’t love love LOVE veggie galaxy. It only gets two loves. Because no bbq sauce.
    this has been a comment.

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