nerd alert, sound the alarm again;

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the following scene happened the other night:

so i’m walking out of one of the buildings at school after a quidditch meeting where  i had to give a speech (i was running for co-captain of one of the teams. nerd alert #1).

so i’m walking out the door and a nice group of boys opened the door for me. i walked past them as i wanted to get home to watch some “twilight zone” asap (nerd alert #2).

boy #1: yeah, like taking melatonin is the coolest. it makes you sleepy and shizz.

boy #2: isn’t that the stuff  in turkey that makes you tired?

boy #3: i don’t think that’s right. it’s something else…um…

me (turning around quickly, excitedly): IT’S CALLED TRYPTOPHAN!  sorry. oh crap, sorry.

and then i turned around and scurried away to my subway stop.(nerd alert #3)

but if i hadn’t have scurried i totally would have added “AND THAT’S ACTUALLY A MYTH!” (nerd alert #4)

i’ll just kindly place myself in the trash can now. save some time.


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