libraries i’ve lurked;

so i was originally going to write this up as a joke, thinking i really hadn’t gone to that many libraries (usually as my main point of traveling to places), but then things got real, really fast

. feast your eyes on these literary wonders of the world (ahem, america.) is it sad that these are just the libraries i’ve purposefully visited in less than three years?

1. harper library, uchicago.

2. chicago public library. (for some reason i found this library kind of underwhelming when i visited it, ergo i couldn’t find any pictures that i took while i was in chicago. so i found this pretty instagram of it.)

3. boston public library.

4. new york public library.

5. los ángeles public library.

6. powell library, ucla.

7. iwasaki library, emerson college. (yes, that is the set of the show “will and grace”. in a library.)

8. biltmore family library, asheville nc. (you’re not allowed to take photos of it, so just some prancing outside. but it looks like this!)

9.  doe library, ucberkeley. (closed that day. ughhh, sorry mark twain autobiography that has been unpublished for 100 years [at the time].)

10.  providence athenaeum library, rhode island (MY FAVORITE.)

11.  salem public library.

12. some random library, nyu.

13.  widener library, harvard (and lamont…and…)

14. eliot library, harvard.  (i got to renaissance dance in this one, no less! and it had secret passageways!)

15. butler library, columbia university.

also, i only have one look/pose. i should probably work on that.

know any libraries i should look derp-y in front of? holla at your girl.


17 thoughts on “libraries i’ve lurked;

  1. I can see why you love the Providence library so much! Eclectic and whimsical. You really need to boot-scoot-boogy to Seattle and see its library– complete 180 from all of the ones you’ve visited. Also, the public library in KC, Mo looks pretty cool, but I could not find it for the life of me….

  2. I’m not sure if I’ve ever recommended it, but Bapst at BC is just…the best. I go there to study and pretend like I’m at Hogwarts. If you need a companion, lemme know!

    Also really sad I never visited the Prov Athenaeum…definitely on my list to get back there and do!

  3. I love libraries, so naturally I LOVE this post! You totally have more than one look. In fact, you have a look AND a FLAIL! 😉

  4. i think i’m in love with you.
    also, the providence athenaeum has been on my must see list. MUST SEE.
    come to my city and see our library. we have a mark twain room.
    by the by, you own that pixie cut!

  5. this is such an impressive collection of library visits!! boston public library has totally been on my list to visit! how are libraries always so gorgeous?!

  6. Definitely stop in every library/bookstore I pass in Europe. I get so excited, even when I don’t speak the language. I saw an old German copy of The Neverending Story in a Salzburg bookstore today and I almost had a coronary.

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