selfies and foot pops;

{both flats + mustard boots, timberlands (4lyf), dress, victoria’s secret via goodwill, jacket, h&m via goodwill, sweater and belt, unknown via goodwill.}

fact: i do not own a mirror. this usually makes getting dressed in the morning a very interesting experience. i usually walk out of my house wearing more than three colors, after straddling my bathtub and countertop to peer at the bathroom mirror to see if my outfit makes me look like i’m wearing a tilda swinton costume (no disrespect, tildy-tildz. you know i love you. )

but guys, i’m scared. i think the turd-o-meter went cray-cray when i snapped these little selfies in a second time around dressing room, since i usually never see what my outfits look like fully. i feel the need to make duck-faces in every reflective surface that i pass, put on a cake-face, and re-apply lip gloss (do people still wear lip gloss? i feel like this question explains a lot about me). can one (or six) selfie(s) really start a major downfall?

only time will tell. speaking of time, it’s time for me to put on some bonne bell lip gloss. it’s dr. pepper flavor.

{also, holla at the three people who told me i looked like the girl from the hunger games this week. i don’t agree with you, but you are the reason for the happy foot pop in these pictures. and holla at the unintentional red sox colors that i had on later that night at fenway. yes, that means i went to tasty burger. i have issues.}


2 thoughts on “selfies and foot pops;

  1. Ha, I feel ya! I don’t have a full length mirror and the only mirror we have is so badly lit I’m always a little afraid when I leave the house 🙂

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