a belated birthday;

oh mylanta, guys. homegirl over here completely forgot to tell you guys about the ridiculous fun that was my 21st birthday party. if it were possible, i’d have everyday be halloween. ergo, i had a halloween costume party. in the beginning of march. i believe i called the facebook event “monster mash in march” yes. you read right. and yes, i made a playlist of every single version of “monster mash”. all six of them.

 there was much fun to be had. i made origami bats to hang from my ceiling. i also made lavender lemonade and “witches brew” (sangria. nomz.) and was so sidetracked by my lovely friend’s costumes (three blind mice.) and eating “fingers” (chocolate covered toffee) and “zombie cakes” (vegan earl grey cupcakes with green frosting and purple frosting.**) that i didn’t snap too many pictures of the shindig.

i obviously went as a character from my favorite show, the twilight zone (“ring-a-ding girl”is my homegirl. gotta love those plot-twists). and yes, the shower to get all of that white paint off was the most awkward shower of all. totally worth the fake lashes and minutes of my life it took to get black lipstick off of my eyebrows.

so this year, i will have had two days of halloween goodness. new goal:  2012 is the year of halloween. i’m shooting for at least two weeks worth of costuming and adding “fingers” to all of my food.

who’s with me? i’ll bring the white paint and lack of shame.
**i swear to jeebus, i am going to make the most ridiculous soccer mom ever. if you are wondering what my kids will be like, they will have lunches packed with “zombie cakes” and will most likely forget to wear pants. most likely to be seen sitting in trees, with a bushel of curly hair and a penchant for bad jokes.

4 thoughts on “a belated birthday;

  1. What a beautiful blog you have! I am a total stalker, but I saw link to your blog on another blog and I was so intrigued by the title that I had to click. I adore Great Gatsby and I teach it every year to a class full of pubescent punks and nothing makes me more excited. And I love in your about that you said your name would be Myrtle. Oh, I have found someone else who loves and appreciates Gatsby. And books. And travelling. One day travel on over to Utah and we’ll sit a spell and talk about books!


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