busy bee;

i’ve biked over 80 miles this week (more on that later. it involves so much swamp butt. 500 boston residents. old and new roommates. a tandem bicycle. and bacon)

finals = next week. gulp.

i just wrapped acting in two of my bro’s student films. yes. i got to shoot people with multiple nerf guns. and scare my “husband”/guyfrand with my zombie face.

and i’ve had more than a handful of awkward interactions to share. i’d round it up to three handfuls, actually.

…..and two more libraries. could you expect anything less?

needless to say, it might get a wee bit quiet over here.

i can has massage? or another vegan coconut milkshake from veggie galaxy?

’til then, my sweets!


5 thoughts on “busy bee;

  1. I randomly happened across your blog and got really excited– one of my best friends lives in Boston and works at Veggie Galaxy. I ate there on my last visit and it was woooonderful. Small world. (And great blog!)

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