sixteen candles and blog news;

{as celebration of this momentous day, i went deep into the disney vault to find a video i made about blogging with my mom’s dog, oliver, back when i still had hair. bask in the awkwardness with me.}

anyone notice anything different?

yup. whatever, gatsby is all grow’d up! she’s got her own domain name and everything. after nearly three years of ownership of what i often call “my baby”, i figured it was time to get rid of my pampers and do the deed.

i sort of feel like molly ringwald when she observes herself in the mirror to see if she looks  or feels different in “sixteen candles”.

i didn’t get “boobies”, per se, but i feel a different air about my little space in the interwebs. and i didn’t have to get felt up by a grandma to get to that point plus no one forgot my birthday in the process. and i’d call that a win.

so update your readers, dearies! that is, if you still enjoy getting a fresh plate of , what i hope is enjoyable, poetry, ramblings about me being creepy, and twilight zone references. because that shizz is timeless, right?



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