spring, you are too kind;

playground romps with the mir-cat.

eating kiwis (skin and all!) with my sensible shoes + favorite dress.

pre-thirty mile bike ride burrito + sangria (!!!)

fox socks out on the town.

statues getting festive.

mile twenty six of said bike ride. roomies on the tandem. fried dough stand ambiance.

prunes + kindle in the library. 21 going on 84 years old. just call me myrtle.

if bob ross was painting my dinner the other night, he’d call it “happy produce”.

…spring, you really are the best. keep on doing your thang.


6 thoughts on “spring, you are too kind;

  1. You can eat kiwi skins?! I’m scared that the little hairs will make my lips sting, but the idea of biting straight into a kiwi is appealing. We have 8 of them on our counter right now…maybe I’ll get up the courage before they’re all gone.

    I also eat TJ’s prunes. And crochet. It must be this reverse aging thing. Maybe when we’re 80 we’ll be on Old Ladies Gone Wild.

  2. miss mackenzie, i love all your shoes in this series! especially your “sensible shoes” and the ones you’re wearing on your bike…call me clueless, but are those flats or bike shoes? where did you get these lovely specimens?

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