dear boston;

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dear my beloved boston/broston,

it is may.

you should not be 48 degrees outside . weather that is overcast, gloomy, and not conducive to bike rides over the charles is a major bummer.

i should not have to wear thick socks around my apartment. or daydream about hot showers. or still have to use my electric blanket.

i am begging you. please warm up soon?

you’re making me so homesick that i’ve spent many nights sitting in my college’s gym sauna that mocks my homeland’s warmth. and buying anything that is orange scented or flavored.

i’ve been waiting since last july to wear my bright green swimsuit.

and have sassy dance beach parties listening to bridgitte bardot.

and drink sangria on my stoop with friends. because stoop sangria is the best kind of sangria.

get your act together, okay?




6 thoughts on “dear boston;

  1. I was in CT last weekend and I almost cried when I checked the forecast before I left. I’m glad I did check, though, because I had originally planned to pack one pair of sandals for the entire weekend! Instead, I was bundled up against the wind every time I was outside, and wearing layers indoors. Boo! My skin was very upset with me, but after a few days back in the warm, humid Florida air, everything is back to normal.

  2. dear broston:
    get warm so mackenzie can enjoy some friggin stoop sangria.
    get warm or i’ll junk cut you.
    i’m serious.
    xoxo, gossipgirl

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