goodbye girl, a playlist;

it’s that time of the year again. or rather, time of the week for me.

i get that itch to get going. i’ve gotten to the point that i check bus fares before i check my phone or facebook notifications ($5 trips to nyc?! free rides to montreal?!) my head spins and my duffel bag (that i asked for for christmas. yes, i asked for a heavy duty luggage for christmas) peers at me in fear.

daydreaming about prospectively taking a two-week road trip by bus down the east coast (75% sure at this point! eep!). about what items in my apartment i could sell off to pay for bus tickets.  about the fact that my friend canceled on our plans for tonight and i immediately checked to see when the next train to rockport/manchester/gloucester/anywhere-by-the-ocean at all was for today.

i’ve primed myself for a disgusting amount of  bus-travel and baby-wipe showers by cutting even more hair off and by making this playlist for those of us who find wanderlust to be a daily concern.

whose friends usually preface any conversation with a “so, where are you exactly right now?”

who get giddy by the sight of a well-packed suitcase (rolled shirts to save space + a full kindle + mustard boots + johnson &  johnson’s lavender lotion).

who love dramatically and thoughtfully and wistfully peering out of the windows of buses/trains/cars/airplanes.

for those of us who still don’t know how to sit still.


5 thoughts on “goodbye girl, a playlist;

  1. “for those of us who find wanderlust to be a daily concern.”

    that’s me!

    i adore this post and your high levels of enthusiasm and your schemes to save money for travel. let’s meet soon!

  2. Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa makes me want to go somewhere! I don’t know where! But right now!
    Also, being English, the idea of somewhere called Manchester or Gloucester being by the sea is making my head all ‘…whoa.’

  3. I know exactly how you feel. I feel like home every time I’m in an airport and a plane. It’s an odd comforting feeling. An expensive home.

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