it’s official;

yes, lady-friends and man-friends, it is true.

on june 28th, i will be embarking on a trip of my dreamz~*

no lie, only i would find it dreamy to travel for three weeks on a bus (said my mother, to me, on the phone last night as i spoke to her about the prospects of taking baby-wipe showers on the train).

but haters gonna hate,  from massachusetts to florida i shall go. with my mustard-colored boots, a go-get-’em attitude, and (most likely) a frightening case of bus ride-induced  b.o.

the itinerary is as follows:

new york city:
june 28th-july 1st.= pretty libraries. street-performers. lush grasses to prance on and pet city puppies.

july 1st-4th= brewskis with my broskis, and smothering my little nephew with keeses.

washington, d.c.:
july 4th-10th= my two friends are subletting a place above georgetown cupcakes (score), and prancing abouts the district with maya.

durham, n.c.:
july 10th-13th= seeing my old homeland, exploring duke gardens (haven’t been there since i was a wee-little kenzie.)

charleston, s.c.:
july 13th-july 17th= drinking all the mimosas and wearing straw hats on the beach with staceface.

atlanta, ga:
july 18th-20th= no idea! which is the best part of any road trip. most likely eating peachy things.

gainesville, fl.:
july 20th-22nd= swing dancing ’til the early morning with my platonic soul mate, kelli +causing a general amount of ruckus.

until the end of august! yay! homeland! gonna swim in all the lakes and  eat all the oranges!

any advice? playlists? friendly truck/bus-drivers i could befriend along the way? people to eat things with? things to do in these cities? ways to make me smell like a flower at all times?


15 thoughts on “it’s official;

  1. I LOVE it an I’m kinda jealous!!!!!! Have lots of fun… especially while in Florida (my current home) 🙂

  2. If you decide to stop in Tampa, ya best holla!

    I’m planning to spend a weekend in G-ville this summer. There’s a new vegan cupcake bakery that I MUST visit.

  3. I love this and am insanely jealous. Are you totally opposed to vegan cheesesteaks in Philly? I don’t know how they work but I heard they can be bomb. Please report back if you are lucky enough to try one.

  4. @brissa, sisterhood of the traveling maxi dresses right?

    @kayla, girrrrl you know it!

    @anna, yesPLEASE!

    @hungryvegan, i am actually going to tampa! my bff lives there, LETS GO EAT THINGS.

    @jo, tell me things!

    @emily, WHAT! vegan philly cheesesteaks are my fav!

  5. There are so fun things to do in Gainesville & yummy places to eat at. If you like debauchery & nostalgia, you should try some beer & laser tag. La Tienda has the best veggie quesadilla. If you need someone to get you lost in gator town, I’m you’re girl.

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