the concert bug;

{because i am obsessed. and because this video is amazing}

i am a very faithful person. i can listen to the same song for days on end (it’s the only way i can write, to be honest. meaning i have listened to “simple song” over 300 times, yes). i obsessively have to make every concert for every band i’ve relentlessly listened to, even if i haven’t listened to them since i had braces, a live journal account, or wore snarky, cartoon-y wristbands from hot topic.

concerts and music, as i’ve found, are another reason why i’m 99% sure i am not a dirty hipster. phew. rather than feel a false sense of pride over knowing that band eons before you did, i’m SUPER pumped you listen to them too, so that way we can dance in annoyingly wide circles in a crowd of strangers at a concert for that band. and braid each other’s hair. and talk about boys. i mean, go to more concerts. yes, that.

i know now that when (not “if”! positive thinking! empowerment! believing in myself! yay!) i write books for people to read, it would be silly to not include a cd that captures the mood of the book in itself. right now i’m writing the nubs and giblets of what will become my bfa thesis for next year. i have a title (“i’m allergic to you, and other misadventures”). 98 pages of awkward stories. and a playlist of 24 songs that capture the stories’ feelings (okay, maybe i am a dirty hipster). i daydream often of giving my 200 (hopeful) page thesis to my advisor and as i close the door to his office i say ,”oh, there’s a cd taped to the back cover, too.”

and the daydream also ends in my advisor loving the josh ritter tracks on the cd a lot and we dance in circles at one of his concerts. and talk about boy (non-fiction authors). and braid hair (in a non-literal sense).

because i’m not a dirty hipster, listen to these gems:
“to the dogs or whoever (live from juan’s basement)”
“change of time” 
 (amazing video as well)
“good man” 


2 thoughts on “the concert bug;

  1. i love this video! thank you for reminding me about it. and YES! i’m the same way. if i love a song i listen to it nonstop until i’m done with it. being done means i have it memorized and have already started inserting my own variations.

  2. Love this video. And I too am one of those people who listens to songs on repeat for days. Some of my friends don’t get it, and I know that they’d wish that I’d listen to something else every so often, but when great songs come along, playing them on repeat is really the only option! 🙂

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