adventures in bike commuting;

if there is one sentence i utter at least once a week, it is “guys, i’m like a golden retriever. i have to do it.”

this usually explains all of my odd habits; biking in the rain, actually enjoying the gym sometimes, walking the 4-6 subway stops i could easily hop on the T to skip (especially if it is the green line, blergh). i get anxious when i can’t get a bit messy.

i’m like a golden retriever who just has to jump in that lake.  i have to get muddy on a weekly basis. it’s a physical need for me to have dirt under my nails and a mud-covered skirt. and of course i’d love to ride the boston marathon route in the pouring rain at midnight! the way i see it, the more swamp ass, the merrier. or something like that.

i’ve been lucky enough to have biked a large part of my time in boston. even though you’d have to pay me large sums of money to bike down newbury street ever again and i have some choice thoughts about mass. ave by the symphony buildings (you don’t want to know. they’re pretty crass thoughts), and yelling choice words at punks that don’t understand how to use a turn signal, i like biking in this tiny little city i’ve called home for nearly a year.

when i think about it, biking makes sense to me. i am stubbornly independent to a fault and i hate stank-faces more than anything (which is the majority of the red line). i like the fact that my commute involves riding over a majestic bridge. i get to stroll comm. ave to get to school. i get to pass harvard and mit on a near-daily basis, who else can say they can do that?

i am a curious creature in that i thrive off of self-made challenges. which is why i am biking the whole of june (weather forecast for this week? 52 degrees + five days of rain! wooo!). four days in and i’ve been drenched three times. bring it, boston. i can take you, spirit golden retriever that i am.

and now for a sentence i also say at least once a week, but now will say it to myself;  god speed mighty warrior. god speed.


5 thoughts on “adventures in bike commuting;

  1. I want to be a biker, but am not brave enough…so I love reading about you doing it. =) You sound like a friend of mine…he bikes in ALL weather, cold included. I never understand!

  2. I want a bike SO bad!!

    It’s on my bucket list to get one this summer!!

    I am kind of scared to ride one in the city but what lures me in is how awesomely awesome I’ll look once I’m actually on it. I KNOW you look cool riding yours and I want to be cool too. And I want to feel the wind in my hair. Yesyesyes.

  3. I love biking but I find it hard in Sydney because it’s such a spread out Sydney. I’m so impressed that you bike commute everywhere!

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