adventures in bike commuting, june;

so far, millie, the bike, and i have….

biked to the kooks concert. a cake + two door cinema club concert. and a laura marling concert.

gone to castle island on a group ride with common wheels.

gone through (literal) hundreds of miles around boston. all around cambridge. all around somerville. all around brookline. in the rain and random cold snaps and the sun.

added three new stickers to my already festive hot pink helmet. a new bike bell. and i’m already swooning over some new bike baskets for all my books and produce for the autumn. and a cup holder for a coffee tumbler. and maybe some flowers for my handlebars. i should stop now.

gone back and forth from swing and contra dancing. back and forth from potlucks and baking parties and lady dates.

covered my hands in bike grease and pen markings of street names.

pedaled to farmers markets and the harbor and the library and the museum of fine art. in boat shoes and hiking boots. rain boots and bright, peppy flats.

biked classily around the city in a corset (literally, i had to be fancy for laura marling!) in a bright yellow rain jacket. in bike shorts and my favorite dresses.

made squirrel friends while reading in the common (note: that picture was not zoomed in any way. that squirrel sat on my shoulder. once again, i am a squirrel whisperer)

made friendly with the bike shop dogs (my favorite one attempts to sit on my lap at all times. even when i am standing. he’s a charmer) one too many times (pesky right brake).

…i have a sneaky feeling millie and i will be continuing this tradition into the fall and hey, who says winter has to stop the bike party? bring it. 


7 thoughts on “adventures in bike commuting, june;


    Just got a bike, lady! I feel cool like you now!! I’m working my way to ride on the streets though. That shizz is scaaary. Right now I’m sticking to the paths. I can ride from my apartment all the way to Davis Square on the bike path. I think I might be able to ride to the Charles River too, which would be SAAAWEEEEET, but I haven’t figured it out just yet.

    When the weather cools down I will do some more exploring!

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