walking in the rain;

this song was essentially my reality yesterday.

i stood at my bus stop in medford. in the rain. then hopped on the red line. then ran to another bus to get  to allston to see the lovely clair for vegan froy0. completely worth it. then to a best friend’s house for tea. then to the south end to grab a friend’s bike. then to nannying in cambridge. then to a concert. all in the rain (but i secretly kind of love the rain). all through each bus and train terminal and platform and bicycle seat, i kept humming this song.

my mother raised me on martha reeves and the supremes (adorably, she doesn’t remember any music during the 80s and 90s. i had to explain the cure and tears for fears to her) + all of my disney singalong videos were motown themed, so i get heart palpitations when i hear a song that just  might have a woman with a bouffant or cat-eye liner. “jimmy mack” came on at swing the other night and i had a mini-freak out.

nostalgia is one of those feelings that gets me every time. i’ll feel nostalgic for things as they are happening in current time, in a “oh my god this is so much fun and i feel so happy. i can’t believe this is going to end soon” way. i felt nostalgic for my apartment as i was moving out of it on friday, physically incapable of packing things because it seemed so weird that i was leaving. and now i’m feeling nostalgic for this city when i’m six miles away from it, and knowingly coming back for another year in september. yes, i am one of those creatures. i miss the city even when i’m living six miles away from it, for less than a week.

and for good reason too.  i’ve lived here for a little bit over a year and i’ve covered quite a lot of ground. as i covered at least 8 miles of this lovely city yesterday, by bus and train and bike, every street corner seemed to say “hey! mackenzie! look, we aren’t all THAT bad! also, here’s a free burrito” (somewhat true story).

and caused me to remember…

…that time i developed an addiction to bike-riding and swing dancing.

…that time i went to ten, count ’em, ten concerts. (st vincent. ra ra riot. yellow dubmarine. tennis. the kooks. cake+ two door cinema club. yann tiersen. portugal the man. laura marling. donora)

…that time i went to seven states.rhode islandnew hampshire. pennsylvania. california. florida. new york. maine.

…that time i went on more awkward dates than i’d care to count (at least 12-15. most of which i didn’t realize were dates…until they were done…and someone told me i was on a date. whoops.)

…that time i read 39 books (approximately).

…that time i moved three times (in the first four months. never again.)

…that time i became a nanny, quidditch team mom, cupcake shop girl with cupcake-scurvy, children’s bookseller, and overly caffeinated cantabridgian.

…that time i threw a halloween-themed 21st birthday…in march.

…that time i spent the fourth of july on top of an m.i.t. frat house. and danced on a table. (cross that one off the list. never give up on your dreams, guys.)

…that time i went to a wizard rock concert. 

… that time i made friends with an absurdly friendly, moderately obese squirrel. 

…great googly moogly. i’d gladly walk in the rain in this little city if this is the result. gladly.


One thought on “walking in the rain;

  1. Oh yayy! I love the happy that’s back in Boston. =) I’m sure you’ll love it even more after a break from it this summer.

    Have a great trip!

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