where in the world;

…is mackenzie san diego [in this photo]?
i’ve always been a fan of being shrouded in mystery.
(mystery shrouds. only $44.95 on qvc.)
and in places like the above photo.
my favorite question to be asked is,”wait, where are you?”
and so it shall stay like that for just a wee bit longer.
but i would like you all to know that the guard of this building definitely thought i was a big nerd.
he definitely did.


4 thoughts on “where in the world;

  1. I think you defeated your purpose by posting this post on to twitter and having it geotagged. #justsayin #getatme #venezuelahatesus #nobodyknowswhatcheerwineisorwhatever

    • Lol @ the point being that no one knows where I am in that photo, curly girly. #checkyourself #beforeyouwreckyourself #missedpoints #missedconnections #actualconnectionsatthevenezuelanembassy #morecheerwineformebiznatch

  2. I waited until there were comments on this, thinking someone would know the answer right away. *sigh* I’ll just wait.

    Also, I would like to know how exactly to capture a photo with that kind of lighting.

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