seven minutes in (book-smell) heaven;

okay. so i technically had twelve minutes in heaven with this sassy little number, fisher fine arts library at upenn.

and what a sassy broad she was.

and yes, i definitely had to ask a nice little dad, who was in the middle of taking his daughters up and down the spiral staircases, to take my photo of me not once, but twice (the first one was heart-wrenchingly blurry. i didn’t want to relive my uc berkeley experience. i still get the night terrors of not properly documenting it).

three week road trips are all about shame, guys. and a newfound love of face-wipes, carrying as many snacks as a soccer mom named pam, and awkward back tans.

so, twelve minutes before closing i got.
oh, and you best believe i sniffed those books.
and stifled happy tears.

best-smelling library on my list by far. by far. 


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