this is an approximation of how i feel being home.
just add in some baby alligators in my cul-de-sac and community pool.
some brief helping of snapping turtles cross the street.
perhaps some arizona half-and-half iced tea + lemonade. in those gigantic cans. the only way.
a dash of procrastinating on my two online summer classes (why, past self. why?!)
thai food dates with mother dearest. a mean girls themed housewarming party.
a smidge of road-tripping with my dude bffs up to gainesville tomorrow
and your end result is a very wordless mackenzie. a rarity, i tell you, especially when i have three weeks of photos and memories to unload.


so until the words come trickling back in, i’m sending you lots of orange-scented love from the motherland!


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