cross country, a playlist;

{click for playlist!}

two bags are your constant companions. minus that leather backpack you picked up for free from a stoop sale in brooklyn, that you then stuffed with free books. yes, we can forget that one. and the subsequent back pain and chiropractor appointment.

the beauty of traveling by yourself is that you can listen to the same songs over and over and no one can even say anything. you can also watch “like crazy” over and over and no one can say anything. except the old women on the train that snicker loudly when they peer over your shoulder when the, uh, rather saucy scenes come on.

sure, mastering the art of asking nice-seeming couples to take your picture in front of the washington monument comes with practice (and noticing their desperation to get a new facebook profile picture-worthy picture from other strangers in the 102 degree weather). and yes, cupcakes are best eaten with company.

but you can eat the same salad every day. and you can go to duke chapel over and over again. and eat the salad again. and almond cookies when no one is looking don’t count. and hey, james mercer and george harrison are totally, definitely, actually singing to just you. just you.

an audience of one is pretty nice sometimes, you’d say.


5 thoughts on “cross country, a playlist;

  1. I believe I’ve listed to Ryan Adam’s “Sweet Carolina” approximately 345,679,234 times this summer, but it never gets old (to me). Planning a solo road trip, now!

    Also, that movie is awesome. Love, love, love.

  2. You are so wise. I can remember a lot of challenging things about travelling alone (including major loneliness and intense fear when I realized I was lost), but there is nothing else to do when travelling alone except exactly what YOU want to do. And that’s a pretty liberating feeling.

    I also had a moment…gosh, it sounds so cliche, but I was travelling through Swiss countryside in a compartment car of a train, and “Bittersweet Symphony” was on my iPod…during that exact moment when the music just opens up, we came around a bend in a mountain onto the most gorgeous, sunny farmland. It did feel like it was a moment made just for me. =)

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