i’m ready for you, autumn, a playlist;

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perhaps this is one of those “too soon?” things, but for me autumn could come a bit more quickly. autumn is one of those bundled, little collection of months that seems like it was wrapped up just for me. everything feels possible when you’re baking pumpkin into things (i love how borderline absurd the things pumpkin is baked into in the fall-times. i’m pulling out for a pumpkin pizza. or perhaps a vegan pumpkin mac & cheese) on darkening afternoons.

thoughts of biking on beacon street and through the esplanade with a canopy of fiery trees makes my heart go pitter-patter. hot cider donuts in an apple orchard are enough to make me jump for joy in my knee socks and the bright cobalt blue knee-high boots i bought for breaking in this fall’s leaf-jumping season.

and of course, i am excited to vote for president for the first time. is my nerd flag showing? no, scratch that. i’m flying that thing proudly.

and of course, i am too excited for words for the autumn movie release of anna karenina i feel sorry for anyone that come to see it with me the people in the theater, because i am likely going to see it solo, and will spend the entirety of the movie sobbing and saying,“it’s just…it’s just so beautiful….” over and over (although vronsky’s pedo-stache freaks me out).

but yes, back to baked goods, and the spirit of autumn. i can’t wait to see you, autumn. i will welcome you with open arms, and possibly a few extra pounds due to pumpkin pizza taste-testing.

i think autumn and i will get along just fine. just fine, indeed.

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