breathe in, breathe out;

{i’d pay a pretty penny for a kiss from one of my pups right now}

i am mimicking many pregnant women right now…
…by lamaze breathing my way around boston. hee-hoo-hee.
you see, this is looking to be the craziest week or two of my little life.
sept 1st.= move in to my dreamy little apartment. sept. 5th i start classes and my internship.
but i have to have all of my belongings out by august 30th. and i personally have to be out of my old apartment by august 31st.
(and my landlord doesn’t know i will be essentially squatting in my old place. shhhh! nomadic lifestyle at its finest)

homeless mackenzie is likely going to be napping against many common trees this week. and om-ing. and downward dogging. and i’ll be honest, some pretty loud phone chats with mama gatsby.
how is this all to be done? only the shadow knows. but i have faith. underneath my urge to hyperventilate in a corner and make a large carafe of sangria with one straw, i have faith.

everything is going to be okay. it really is. because i have a space in which to swing dance tonight. and a new favorite playlist (don’t judge me). and so many smiling bostonian faces to greet. i mean, right?

{also: the winner of the giveaway will be announced soon!}


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