a tour of the nest;

guys, i am absolutely obsessed with my new little nest. i keep having these visions of baking pumpkin bread, and my “misfits thanksgiving” menu for this year (apple stuffing, a tofurky, pumpkin cranberry cake with maple frosting), and the fact that the best trader joe’s in all of boston is right down the road. okay, so the latter point is the most important. so, welcome to my new nest. this is an open invitation for any and all of you to come and visit me. i have plenty of  sweet potato tortilla chips (yes, this exist…yes, i cried when i found them) and iced tea. welcome to the nest, ya’ll. 

yes, we have a painting of the new world on our wall. yes, i demanded that no one paint over it before we moved in. yes, i am/was very proud of my home state being repped on my hallway wall. swampland uber alles. 4 ever.

even millie and my books have been feeling quite at home. 

our living room and dining room still look kind of janky, but the next room totally makes up for it and has bewitched me heart and soul. 
my kitchen and my breakfast nook=  the mr. darcy of my life right now. it’s whatever. i regret nothing.

some very achievable roommate goals. yes, there is an entire festival for the celebration of fluff. i’m basically never, ever moving out of massachusetts because such a thing exists.


behold, my pride and joy. i have the teeniest room in the house, but in a way i find it to be the homiest little hobbit hole of my dreams.  all i hear in my room= crickets and my elderly asian neighbor who has literally been singing from 1-5pm each afternoon for the last four days. in short, i love my charming nest. 
yes, i think i’ll be staying put here for quite a while.

7 thoughts on “a tour of the nest;

  1. Love it!! We have the same Ikea bookshelves in our kitchen, but when I put them together they came out all crooked and lean-y. Yours look much nicer! Also, my mom has that gnome book. =)

    AND, I still haven’t been to SOWA EVER! It was on my to-do list this summer and never happened. So if you need a partner in crime, holla.

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