reporting from the mac store;

as of 8:30 pm last night i was 50% done with a delicious bowl full of homemade tofu stir-fry…and 50% of a glass of white zinfandel.

guess who got the other half of that wine?

my laptop keyboard.

my fair little macbook is out of commission, and will be for the next few weeks.

so until then, please be more careful with your 3-buck-chuck, because it might quickly turn into a 758-buck-chuck. lesson learned. and snot-filled sobs over the phone to my mom were had. you live and you learn.

bis dann, dears!


7 thoughts on “reporting from the mac store;

  1. I’m so sorry. I spilled a bit of water on my computer mousepad this summer and it has been acting up ever since. When they told me it would be $300 to fix it, I just decided to suck in up and live with it. I can’t imagine having to pay $800 to fix my computer. Really, that’s just the worst.

  2. The SADDEST!! I’m so sorry to hear that! Freshman year I spilled a beer on my keyboard (died after a year) and then three years ago I spilled coffee on my Mac (survived, only to have it stolen a few months later, haHA sucka), and last year I spilled an entire glass of water on my (third) laptop. I feeeeeel ya.

  3. ArgghhhH!!!! That’s shitful! I did the same thing last year with a big bottle of water. Anger at yourself is one of the worst kinds! At least you can call your Mac the survivor or Mac everlasting. Those names are hardcore indeed.

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