this song sums up how i feel about the lovely state and city that i am really glad to live in.

this is what it felt like to not have a laptop for three weeks.  and a little of this too (dude, i read two whole booksfor funsies).

this is the song i sing in my head when drivers unjustly honk at me when i’m biking.

this is basically all i did those three weeks. add in a pumpkin cider (yes, it exists) and some puzzle-times with the roommates and that was my normal friday night.

and while i’m on the subject…these are basically the songs i cannot stop listening to.

this was the best thing that happened when mama filson came (oh so much more on that later. holla @ bruno who swooped in on my mom when i left her alone for literally 15 seconds. nelly furtado circa 2006 would call her an unintentional man-eater, ya’ll.)

this would be the “jersey shore” acronym for my life right now: R.B.S.B.  (read [norton anthologies out the wazoo. have mercy]. bike. swing [dance]. burrito.) yes, i just used burrito as a verb. it’s a thing now. haven’t you heard?

this is where you can check out some tweets i’ve been writing for my internship (not all of them, obvs). anything about radish toasts, pretzels, and $80 bamboo toothbrushes was written by yours truly. i have an article or two going live this week.
care to join in a happy dance with me? okay? let’s dance.

aaaaaaand we’re back!!”, ya’ll. i’ve missed you guys.

and yes i’ve been playing the above video in my head the entire time i’ve been writing this post. could you expect anything else? no, not possible.


7 thoughts on “lately;

  1. Firstly, welcome back! I’m glad the laptop is back in good health. Secondly, I must know where you were sitting outside to drink that tea. I thought I had every cafe with outdoor seating in the greater Boston area memorized, but it appears that I could be wrong. Which, hooray, means a new place to try!

  2. Yayy! You have been missed. Thank goodness you’re in time to write about fall. =)

    Cannot wait to hear all the silly mom stories. And I totally want to try pumpkin cider…though I’m not a huge fan of Woodchuck’s apple cider…hope the pumpkin is better!

  3. Ah, seeing that picture of the Norton anthology has made me all wistful for studying literature! I just can’t bring myself to get rid of my anthology even though it weighs a ton, takes up a lot of room and could probably be sold for a decent amount of money.

    Your life looks amazing 🙂

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