pinch me;

as i mentioned in my last post, homegirl over here has been churning out some blog posts and tweets at my internship. oh hey, that’s my name on a big-girl website. oh hey, i might be having heart palpitations. oh hey, i might be humming that song from the lizzie mcguire movie. what is shame? i don’t know where i put mine.

maybe you’d like to take a gander? here are some photos i took as a photographer for boston’s fashion week (with my bright red point-and-shoot. haters with dslrs to the left). and a book review i did.

maybe you’d like to pinch me, because i think i might be dreaming?

i like to think that the universe has provided me with a completely awkward  life in exchange for a really neat internship that i adore a whole lot. everything is balanced. hey, i might have to go on dates with guys who come with painted nails (true story), but i get to blog about halloween playlists and tweet about bamboo toothbrushes. it evens out.

i’ll be accepting pinches until december 18, 2012. just an fyi.


8 thoughts on “pinch me;

  1. So proud of you! Little miss “I can’t get an internship” WHAT WHAT?

    Haters to the left, with everything you own in a box. (GET IT!?)

    no but surriously, xo, proud of you.

  2. Damn, girl. What kind of camera do you have?!

    Go you, bein’ all awesome all over the interwebs! You look good out there!

    PS. What’s up with December 18th? Is that when the internship ends?

    • it’s just a basic nikon point and shoot i got on black friday at target!. 🙂 it’s deceptively good. and yes, thats when my internship ends!

  3. you did a great job on the photos mackenzie, Im so glad I bought you a camera and taught you to read and write you maka me proud!

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