october favorites;

{a tree grows in brookline. seewhatididthere?}

reliving tenth grade by crocheting and listening to tegan and sara on loop.
sweet potato drop biscuits.
linked pinkies.
false lashes and wigs for halloween parties.
“hello kitty” house slippers.

cookie pies made with two cans of white beans in them (?!)
daydreaming about rushing the stage at the ben folds concert tonight.
my 8:30 am bike rides down beacon st.
“super bass” by nick minaj blasting in my house= the main reason i get anything done.

that twenty minutes before sleep when i finally get the chance to get into a good book.
 the pronunciation of “chateau neuf-du-pape” .
when you see a guy who wears patterned socks.
a-minuses on papers.
blueberry chile sauce and corn fritters at outdoor festivals.

the state of maine.
walking the mass. ave bridge at night with too much champagne.
hiking boots.
homemade pizza.
getting flour on my dresses.


4 thoughts on “october favorites;

  1. Just reading this list made me happy. So many wonderful things! Also, my sister makes cookie pies like that and they are SO GOOD.

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