a studying mix;


{click image for playlist!}

guys, i am drowning in required reading.

my glands are swollen beyond comprehension. i’ve eaten 1/3rd of this cookie pie in the matter of 24 hours. my buddy norton and i are becoming best frienemies. my unruly eye brows are becoming more and more noticeable to the outside world, and i’m running out of clean knee socks with which to cover up my lumber jack legs. my brain is a blur of the faerie queene, the iliad, oedipus, paradise lost, and i know way too much about lesbian relationships in 17th century british poetry.

i know i’m not the only one who is feeling the midterms blur right now. this is a playlist to those of us who have to debate whether or not you should count going to the bathroom as a “study break”, have laptop burns on your upper thighs from too much paper-writing, and who might have made a poetry tumblr last night in order to feel like they were being productive with their procrastination. yes, i blog to procrastinate. my nerd flag is being waved loudly and proudly.

there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, ya’ll. this is a playlist of hope; hope that you’ll be able to emerge from mid-terms without extra cookie pie weight, clean legs, and a semi-normal fascination with lesbian poetry.

or something like that.

god speed, ye mighty warriors.


3 thoughts on “a studying mix;

  1. Understand this all too well, and this includes the study break/bathroom issue. Another thing I do is promise myself a shower when I get to certain parts of my study, cept I don’t wash off my highlighter stains because they’re like battle scars! Thanks for the great playlist.

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