on the bedside table;

i’ve developed a bad friday habit. after relinquishing the throes of required reading from class each week, i walk myself to my local bookstore (way, way too close to my new apartment), perch myself on a piece of carpet in their bargain basement (most likely to be found in: classics, cookbooks, $1 books in plastic milk crates), and gradually pile books on top of each other. you know, just making mental to-read lists, i’ll say to myself. “oh, i won’t buy all of these. no, i’ll just write them down for next time.”

HA! good joke, self. you should do stand-up, self. why don’t you host the emmy’s next year, self. i end up with eight books and a ticket to an author event. every.time.

the result of this weekly habit is  my the book mountain that has taken over my bedside table. the bedside table is a beautiful thing for a reader. you can get an appetizer’s worth of reading done before you pass out. five pages of  historical fiction, twelve of a graphic novel, seventy-five of that guilty pleasure  (extra points if there is a bare-chested valiant knight on the cover, it’s called a “beach read”, or the lead heroine is described as “mousy”.)

this is the resulting mountain. :

spook: science tackles the afterlife by mary roach
the wonder spot by melissa bank (reading this right now and i can’t put it down….at least until i succumb to the warmth of my electric blanket and fall asleep, because i am sixty seven years old. just call me mildred.)
transformations by anne sexton
all the sad young literary men by keith gessen
best american essays 2007 and 2009 edited by david foster wallace and mary oliver, respectively
i like you by sandal stoddard warburg
meadowlands by louise gluck
the bitch in the house: 26 women tell the truth about sex, solitude, work, motherhood, and marriage edited by cathi hanauer
clarissa by samuel richardson
everything beautiful began after by simon van booy
i am charlotte simmons by tom wolfe
the iliad by homer
northanger abbey by jane austen (a special little project i’m doing with this lovely lady will be happening in the near future….after i can get the handle on reading 300 pages of required reading each weekday, that is.)

what does your bedside table look like? any bare-chested fabios that i should know about?


2 thoughts on “on the bedside table;

  1. You are the only person I know that can rival my booklust. I want to read ALL OF THOSE BOOKS! I do the same thing in bookstores with the piles though…my mother used to make fun of me for stacking them at the end of the library’s children’s section when I was eight and running up and down the aisles collecting all of them. Good memories. Let me know how they all read through!

  2. My bedside table IS a stack of books. Loved this “extra points if there is a bare-chested valiant knight on the cover, it’s called a “beach read”, or the lead heroine is described as “mousy”.

    So true!

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