a recipe for a good fall;

four hours spent in three of the best seats at harvard stadium. or, the nerdiest seats in the whole dang stadium. you decide for yourself.

three hours on a rainy day in harvard square for all the honk fest festivities. activism and marching bands and my favorite marionette girl?! sign me up. also, one sleepy victim of some total #honkfeststruggs

one package of gnocchi. two pumpkin beers. two best lady friends. all of the girl talk and tales of awkward dates.

three parts adding to what i call the “fall porn of the internet” by taking picture of all the foliage. totally exploiting all of the leaves.

six hours spent hiking up mt. percival in new hampshire and pretending to be smeagol/gollum/ brian from hatchet. one realization that the hiking signs in the white mountain were most likely written by damian from “mean girls.” 

eight hours at the life is good festival. free foodstuffs and good vibes abound. sara bareilles being hilarious and then sad, which just meant my mom and i yelling “SAD SARA. DON’T BE SAD” at her whenever she played a sad song.

no regrets were to be had, besides not eating any more corn fritters and blueberry chile sauce.

one author event for michael chabon, where i tried to suppress my school-girl giggles as he signed my book and shook my hand.

ten minutes spent on my walk home from the bookstore, debating how long i could go without washing my right hand. and interpreting every single thing chab-chabs (my new pet-name for him) as an invitation to be his mistress. or something. i mean. whatever.

two days with a cookie pie, that’s all it took to eat this bad boy. by myself, naturally.

two very happy ladies and two very large veggie burgers from bartley’s. one very cranky stomach, due to the unhappy mixture of fried eggs, cole slaw, and hot sauce.

live and learn, but bartley’s does no wrong.

one  mom getting hit on my a strange italian dude named bruno at south station. extra points if he calls her the next day and sings to her in italian on voicemail.

the result? one very good fall. so far, pretty damn good.

4 thoughts on “a recipe for a good fall;

  1. All of your fall photos are simply PICTURE PERFECT. Love the leaves, love the hiking, LOVE THE COOKIE PIE IN A HEART SHAPED TIN.

    You are living, girlfriend.

    Your mom? I love her and I don’t even know her. Why? Because I love you.

    P.S. That first photo is what New England dreams are made of.

  2. UM, Harvard Square, Bartley’s, the Life is Good festival, AND Michael Chabon? You win. You win so hard.

    Missing all of this. Except for Michael Chabon, because I’ve never met him. But a girl can dream.

  3. I am so.in.love. with this post and your autumnal life. Also, I did not expect the sentence about a “strange italian dude” to end with him scoring your mom’s digits!! Please tell me you will be starting a new series about the burgeoning love between Bruno and Mommy Mack.

    Basically every day I think, “I need to meet up with Mackenzie soon…” Books, coffee, yarn…these things await us as soon as I get my act together.

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