a literary halloweekend;

as is my usual fashion, this halloween was a nerdy one. i decided that the best use of my closet to make a “sexy emily dickinson” costume (isn’t it sad that it took me five minutes and my closet to make this costume? don’t answer that.) i pranced around a party with final harvest in tow and recited poems all night, making my best dead fish-eyed face, and made sure to punctuate all of my speech with dashes and a wild amount of exclamation points. i hope i made “e-dicks” (how i refer to good ol’ emily in my head) proud.

and then the next day i met lemony snicket (daniel handler). he yelled at small children, played an accordion, sat in an old woman’s lap, and flailed his arms around old south church at the bbf.

and then i died. and then he signed my copy of why we broke up with a simple “to mackenzie! yes! hello! how are you? me, too. daniel handler.” and then i was reborn again. and then i died again. it was that glorious.

and then i met junot diaz (!!!!!!) he was actually the sweetest man ever. and i am now crying over the fact that five minutes separated these two pictures of us, but his look remains the same. like zoolander, junot diaz has one look, and that is a super adorbz one.

now if you’ll excuse me, i have to get my “sexy virginia woolf” costume ready for next year.


5 thoughts on “a literary halloweekend;

  1. Oh my goodness gracious. I love Emily Dickinson, and I love your halloween costume just as much!

    I once spent an evening guiding Lemony Snicket’s wife (who is also a writer) around a fundraiser where she was a guest of honor. It was basically awesome.

  2. Junot Diaz! You are my idol! Also, sexy authors is either the title of my future band (just replaced Army of Skanks) and/or what I plan to go as for every Halloween for the rest of my life.

  3. Yayyyy!!! So happy to see pictures. This was amazing!!

    Also, TOTALLY JEALOUS of you meeting Lemony Snicket. And even more jealous that he lived up to my expectations of how he would behave in real life. So awesome.

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