will crochet 4 food;

wanna help me eat this semester?

wanna have a ridiculously roasty-toasty scarf made by yours truly, with love (which is to say, made to the sounds of motown music, consuming at least eight cups of tea, and overhearing my roommate yell at people on xbox live)?

okay, i totally lied about that last one. most of these scarves were made while listening to nicki minaj and dolly parton. on loop. for hours. optional serenade of aforementioned roommate with remote control “microphone” recommended.

what i am getting at, is that baby girl is back in business with my scarf etsy!

i’m becoming the indie girl i always made fun of.  by this time next time i’ll have owls on my zooey-d dresses from modcloth. and drive a baby blue prius. and i’m already a vegetarian so i’m halfway there already. so it goes!

but if you care to take a gander…or really want to make sure i can support my anna’s tacqueria habit….

{click above to be magically transported to my etsy shop!}


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