a winter’s tale;


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winter, in my eyes, is kind of the best. it’s a time of upheaval. of paring things down. there’s always a certain case of giddiness i get when winter rolls around, and that’s not even because of christmas or the holidays. i love the dead cold of january. i even love the brand of post-january 1st dreariness that only merits a bag full of $1 books and a new kind of cookie. maybe this shows the floridian in me, but summer dulls me down while winter perks me up like a shot of espresso to the brain.

it’s a built-in recharge button. a season of snooze-ing alarm clocks and basking in the warmth of your space heater because you have #anemicgirlproblems. whistling tea kettles. dust-covered hello kitty house slippers. late-night bananagrams. it’s crusty bread and soup and apple cake and mulled cider and buckeyes.

winter is a kind of music that sounds like drinking whiskey. it’s paradoxically warm and biting. it’s staying up later than you reckoned because it’s dark all the time and you can’t tell the difference between 4am and 4pm. winter is clean and bright and shiny. winter is going out dancing until midnight because you know it’s a cheap way to stay warm. winter is pretend “smoking” with the cold air and a fake cigarette between your hands, like a seven year old. winter is basically permission to be seven years old.  i don’t think people really appreciate winter past january 1st, and i think that’s a shame.

because like, best of all, no need to shave. that’s really the best part about winter, amiright?


7 thoughts on “a winter’s tale;

  1. Hey, some people appreciate winter post-New Years. This girl, at least, lives for winter for the following reasons: 1) Boots. Scarves. Coats. Layers on layers on layers, because there is nothing better than feeling the cold on your cheeks and warmth in your middle. 2) Snow. 3) Puppies are always cuter when there’s snow. 4) I can practically drink hot coffee outside until I burst with liquid and happiness. 5) Did I mention how cute puppies are in the snow?

  2. I think winter gets the shaft too, from most people. I sometimes wish that Christmas was later in the season (like late January) so we could enjoy more winter before people declare that they are sick of the cold.

    One of my favorite things about winter? A fresh snowfall. So gorgeous and crisp, and it still amazes me how much it lights up a nighttime scene.

  3. :’) you have no idea how happy this makes me. I live for winter, it is marvelous in every way! You summed its beauty up very nicely. psst. I actually get a little jealous of places like Moscow, where it is much colder, even though nyc is freezing in its own right 😉

  4. I cannot say that I agree with you on the loving winter thing, my friend, but I do love your passion.

    And I also love how you’ve made me look at winter a little differently because of your passion. SO THANKS!

    I GUESS the cold isn’t so bad after you consider the no shaving perk and the whistling tea kettle.


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