{berets and bongos} 95;


{tampa. january 2012.}

“a thousand doors ago
when i was a lonely kid
in a big house with four
garages and it was summer
as long as i could remember,
i lay on the lawn at night,
clover wrinkling over me,
the wise stars bedding over me,
my mother’s window a funnel
of yellow heat running out,
my father’s window, half shut,
an eye where sleepers pass,
and the boards of the house
were smooth and white as wax
and probably a million leaves
sailed on their strange stalks
as the crickets ticked together
and i, in my brand new body,
which was not a woman’s yet,
told the stars my questions
and thought god could really see
the heat and the painted light,
elbows, knees, dreams, goodnight.”

-anne sexton, “young”.

{yah i know, i’ve been hard core anne sexton binging, but can you blame me? girl’s got style, ya’ll.}


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