coming soon: {the library girls};


….like books?

wait, let me clarify: do you like empowering lady-books that make you want to punch the air and yell out a big “EFF YEAH, FEMALE EMPOWERMENT!” (also the name of a playlist i have on my ipod. whoops)??

like the idea of reading classics, but want a group of sassy lady friends across social media to help you get through anna karenina and pygmalion and the bell jar without tempting you to throw all of your clothes off the top of a manhattan apartment rooftop (seewhatididthere?)

like having all of this hand-delivered to you every week by two big-haired awkward white girls (aka me and the lovely emily rack)?

look no further, babes. coming this march 2013, this can be yours and more. my dear blog friend emily and i are launching a virtual book club.

interested? keep your eyes peeled for updates on the twitters. the facebooks. the instagrams (@thelibrarygirls) . and the tumblrs.  first book will be the apropo pride and prejudice  we’ll be updating ya’ll with lots more later this month (more ways to get involved! video/live twitter chats! #hashtags! fun shall be had by all!) 

not interested? don’t worry, i’ll post about this like at least five more times until we launch this badboy.

xoxoxo m.


11 thoughts on “coming soon: {the library girls};

  1. “not interested? don’t worry, i’ll post about this like at least five more times until we launch this badboy.”

    HAHAHAHAHA. Cracking me up since 2011.

    I don’t know if I’m up for Pride and Predjudice, but I love you all the same. You rock my world, Mackenzie.

  2. OHEMGEEEE! I have such a weird relationship with book clubs, because I ALWAYS want to join, but never want to give up my own book-reading agenda (that keeps my schedule full to bursting).

    Thank goodness I have until March to decide.

  3. LOVE. THIS. I gotta admit I have a loyalty to a book club I’m in already, but I have been itching to read Pride & Prejudice again as it’s been years, so this may be the perfect excuse..! You go girlies 🙂

  4. Mackenzie, I found you via Anna and I also have a virtual book club! It is the greatest. I am so excited to see how yours launches and the awesome support you clearly already have. If I can find the chance to squeeze in a few more books, I might join you too! Yay!

  5. This is an awesome idea! Count me in! I’m not sure if I will get through Pride & Prejudice before March (I’m not a slow reader, I swear, I just have a bazillion other things to read) but I’ll definitely jump in at some point. Having said that, I probably read it during my degree and promptly forgot all about it… Hmmm. I will hunt down a free copy from somewhere and see if I manage it though 🙂

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