smelling my syllabi;


guys, school started up again this week.
i’m happier than a jack-rabbit on speed that was just given a can of mountain dew. and i’m jumping on a personal trampoline. don’t know how the trampoline got there, but it’s there and i’m pleased. ugh, now they gave me a kazoo.

i already have a strain in my arm from raising my hand too much.

i want to hug all of my syllabi. and smell them. is that bad? i hope not, because i just hugged all of them.

i got new pens and a new notebook and a gender studies professor that asks us to sit on the ground in a circle and talk about feelings. and lady-parts. and more feelings. i kind of think i love her already.

i’m also taking two poetry classes(!!!!!!!!!!)

(i have to scream into a pillow out of joy every time i remember the aforementioned fact.)
guys, every time i think i am not going to apply to six-year ph.d programs, and get
really strong bifocals because of too much reading in poor lighting, and stress-eating noodles in libraries, school starts again and every poem is like a present and yesmyroommatesandmotherandboyfriendcannotstandhowdisgustingiam

now if you’ll allow me, i have to go spoon all of my textbooks. they are very needy and i must attend to them.


4 thoughts on “smelling my syllabi;

  1. Excited for you!!!!!!!

    Also: “i’m happier than a jack-rabbit on speed that was just given a can of mountain dew. and i’m jumping on a personal trampoline.”

    YES. oh so yes. I just love you. Do I say that enough?

    (it’s true.)

  2. Shock! You said boyfriend! This is a juicy bit of gossip! I’m just starting my PhD this year. I love this post because I totally GET IT, and not many other people I know can understand. I love learning and so I’m starting my PhD this year! Eeek! I’ve started finishing my emails with “Yours in learning” just to piss people off.

    • you caught my sly hint 😉 i knew you would, sassy lady. OMG YOU ARE THE COOLEST. please email me and close with that, just please. i would love it so much. git it girl, you are a badass for starting your phd!

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