january favorites;


golden retrievers curbed outside the library just ready for mackenzie hugs.

the diamond-encrusted violin at the ra ra riot concert (third time i’ve seen them in less than two years…whoops.)


crunchy snow. and going “CRUNCHCRUNCHCRUNCH!” outside whenever i stomp on it. even though for every time i smile when there is fresh snow i usually whisper under my breath “moving to california to avoid this baloney.”

the fact that brookline has smelled like potato pancakes for the last month and a half.


running out of coffee creamer, so i had to resort to putting soy ice cream in my coffee.

anything containing mayonnaise. my mother spent 21 years of my life trying to get me to like mayo (#thesouth) and now i order things based on their mayo content. not sure who is the winner or loser in this situation.

ethan hawke’s dimples in “before sunrise.”

swing dancing in brookline synagogues.


practicing the robyn “call your girlfriend” dance in my room. still trying to acquire the platforms and sweater that looks like it was made with yorkie fur, but whatever.

the lower depths $1 veggie hot dogs covered in the aforementioned (garlic) mayo and seasoned french fries (mel, you were so right. i just…i died.)

preferring to ring in the new year with two favorite college girl cakes: cheesecake acquired from colombian churches and cupcake (wine).


oliver’s clinginess. and his “draw me like one of your french girls, kenz” pose.

 the fact that cookie pies last <36 hours in this house.

my gender studies professor asking us to kindly sit in a circle on the floor. and talk about feelings. on the first day of class. a dream among dreams.


and now for a not-favorite….this book. has anyone read it? i spent whatever time i wasn’t cringing over this book, throwing it repeatedly at a wall. care to share your feelings? i’ve texted everyone in my phone enough about how much i hated this book and am running out of friends. help.


7 thoughts on “january favorites;

  1. Ha! I just finished “The Marriage Plot” and…I actually enjoyed it. (Don’t hit me with the book!) I can completely understand the criticisms—Madeline is mostly a one-note character and I found the high-brow pretension of the main characters to be distracting at times—but I still enjoy Eugenides’ storytelling.

    Alright, let me have it. 🙂

    • you’re off the hook this time, jorie! i can understand that, but i just found the book soooo overworked, almost in “HEY! DID YOU SEE WHAT I JUST DID THERE?! ISNT IT COOL AND EDGY?!” that it really put me off, but i respect your opinion…kinda 😉

  2. Haha, I saw the photo of that book, and I was like, seriously Mackenzie? That’s what you’re reading? And then I saw that you hated it, so that’s OK. Personally, I couldn’t make it past the first two chapters.

    • oh sarah, the amount of times i shouted “REALLY, JEFFREY?! REALLY?!” is too much to count. call it stubbornness, or not enough books brought on the plane (and paying full price for this garbage at my neighborhood bookstore), i made myself finish it. it hurt. for the first time, a book caused me pain. ugh.

  3. I sort-of enjoyed this book…some of the time. I love the storytelling, as another reader commented above, but the book overall was a downer and I sort of felt like it wasn’t going anywhere. I MUCH preferred Middlesex, which I couldn’t put down.

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