post-grad reading list;


the other night i had the pleasure of meeting a really kindred spirit in the unlikely place of a new frozen yogurt shop  where i was attending a babysitters-parent networking event (feel free to laugh. this is my normal.) we hit a lull in the event, the other babysitters really weren’t talking to other babysitters and hardcore ENFP that i am, i just couldn’t handle not talking to other human beings.

i ended up talking to the girl next to me, a nice, bubbly post-grad and we shortly began gabbing to our hearts content about work, preferred take-out restaurants (indian food court restaurant @ the pru/ chili duck) and the like. admittedly, she met me on a rough day of realizing hey, i don’t think i want to work a job in my major (which tends to happen when you just got finished with a two hour lecture on paper.) and hey, maybe i want to do this one really “unpractical” thing that i’ve always wanted to do since i was eight. and hey, i’m graduating this year and i’m very scared i might have to work at a quiznos. 

the girl was the best part of the event. since my post-grad woes had been distracting me all week (and also the coordinator of the event mistook me for a mom as soon as i walked in the door, grumblegrumblegrumble) i was feeling a bit disgruntled and distracted. “you don’t have to work in your major!” she said, calmly. “you can literally do anything you want,” she said after hearing my questions about post-grad life. and then i thought about all the books i’ve read in the past few years or so that said the same, stupidly simple little reminder that i’ve heard a million times, both in books and by multiple elementary school teachers. once again, i’m nope-ing to doing a job in my major because it’s “practical”. i’m nope-ing to working at quiznos. boom.

so for your reading pleasure (and because i hope/know i’m not alone in this feeling) here are some “hey, you don’t have to work at [insert fast food establishment here]” book list for post-grad survival

100 demons by lynda barry (a coming of age omic book!)

great gals: inspired ideas for living a kick-ass life by summer pierre

the artist in the office: how to creatively survive and thrive seven days a week by summer pierre

i was told there’d be cake by slone crosley + my boyfriend wrote a book about me by hillary winston  + the new york regional mormon singles halloween dance by elna baker    (the three women who are essentially doing what i want to do, no biggie.)

the happiness project
by gretchen rubin (reading this right now and my mind is bubbling over with ideas, ya’ll.)

what i know now: letters to my younger self by ellen spragins (one of my dearest friend’s mothers gave me this book when i graduated high school and it is actually the best little nugget of wisdom i’ve ever received.)


{what are your favorite reads for the post-grad-i-don’t-know-what-i’m-doing-but-i’d-like-to-still-have-money-to-eat group?}


8 thoughts on “post-grad reading list;

  1. Girl, I’m sharing your post-grad fears right now, but instead of not wanting to go to grad school, I desperately want to get my masters. I’m just not sure if it’s logistically worth taking on a massive debt. I definitely have a lot of decisions to make in the next few months, and by the looks of this post, you do too…

  2. This was me, last year. And it gets messier before it gets better, let me tell you that.

    I did a double degree in Law and Journalism, and I realising I didn’t want to become a lawyer or a journalist was a scary revelation. I read a lot of books like “What should I do with My Life” by Po Bronson and books with titles like “Do what you love and the money will follow” by Dr something-something (sooo corny).

    I hated it when people said things to me like, “You’ll land on your feet” or “The Universe provides”. So instead of saying those things, I will say that it’s a time with big lumps of shitfulness, a persistent cluster of confusion and huge splatters of excitement.

    • UGH I SO GET THIS! seriously, i just want a lot of hugs and head-pats post-grad and then i’ll be golden. i love the way you described it, i’m pumped for the splatters. 🙂

  3. I haven’t read The Happiness Project, because I had read some bad reviews of it. But now this is the second time I’m reading a good review in 24 hrs, so I’m taking that as a sign that it should get on my shelf asap.

    I’m sure you’ll receive lots of reassurances that the post-college transition is hard for everyone…because it is. But at the end of the day, it’s just one decision. You make it, and life continues, and you readjust your course. And the beautiful thing is, no matter what, there are NO wrong decisions in life. They are all just a part of the journey.


  4. This reading list is to die for! Promptly adding basically everything to my Goodreads list. My post grad list has included books such as Devil in the White City, Gone Girl, In the Woods, Bossypants, and Middlesex – all of these have been wonderful, enjoyable reads.

    Happy to have stumbled on your blog. Will be added you to my RSS and coming around here regularly 🙂

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