an altogether unsurprising valentine’s;

he: i’m really lucky to have met you.
she: yeah, we’re like a freak accident gone horribly, horribly right.

happy valentine’s day, ya’ll, from yours truly and the begrudgingly disgruntled gentlemanfriend.


6 thoughts on “an altogether unsurprising valentine’s;

  1. I’M SORRY….. DID YOU MAKE A GIF?!?! A VALENTINE GIF??? (I am saying gif hard g not gif like the peanut butter. Is this right?) Also…Tell me how!

    You guys are adoooooooooooore-able. Cuties. Especially face #4 (is it 4? You know..the cutest one.)

    But seriously…glad to finally have a visual of the manfriend.

  2. Hahaha!!! Love this! I love how he stayed the same the whole time but you went through a whole array of expressions! I’m glad your man friend can acknowledge just HOW lucky he is to have you as his lady friend.

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