i don’t wanna be a cleaning lady, a playlist;

{click image for playlist. click here for youtube playlist} this semester has been naps at 5:00….until 8pm. emails and emails and emails and cover letters and emails. eating whole avocados. stress cheese stick-eating. spending a two hour class writing 20+ donut flavor combinations for later dates. biggest loser re-runs and putting “watch more dr.who” as […]

a montreal itinerary;

{this past valentines day weekend i got myself on a greyhound and traveled all the way to montreal. for other itineraries, click here.} get to south station at 7am after a valentine’s date of romantic egg sandwiches eaten under the glow of subway lights and alfred hitchcock, which is to say i was under a […]

year twenty-two;

perform stand-up. move somewhere new. post-grad corgi???? pierce the schnozz/nose. make it sparkly. watch the entirety of doctor who. sing in public. say nope. graduate (!!!) bike around a new city. learn to read crochet patterns (achievable goals, ya’ll.) read at least three children’s books auf deutsch. go to a mormon church service. go rock-climbing. […]