birthday flu;

Photo on 3-3-13 at 9.54 AM

as is usually the case when my body runs on only starbucks double shots and bagels for weeks during the semester, i got the flu…

a birthday flu. as i turn 22 on thursday. (whaaaaaat?!)

guys, this much snot should not exist within one human being.

guys, i have constant “sexy voice” right now. i’m not complaining, only when it squeaks peter-brady-style .

guys, i’ve texted more than just a few people asking casually “hey, what does pneumonia feel like? just curious.”

so if things get a wee bit quiet on here for the next few days, just know that i am watching doctor who episodes and popping dayquil tablets like they’re skittles.

if you have it in your heart to do so, please send me puppy videos and any picture of andrew garfield without a shirt on. i really believe those will be the source of my cure.


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