i don’t wanna be a cleaning lady, a playlist;

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{click image for playlist. click here for youtube playlist}

this semester has been naps at 5:00….until 8pm.
emails and emails and emails and cover letters and emails.
eating whole avocados. stress cheese stick-eating. spending a two hour class writing 20+ donut flavor combinations for later dates.
biggest loser re-runs and putting “watch more dr.who” as a valid item on the to-do list.

kitten kisses. kitten howls. kitten head-butts. crusty butts in my face. wheezes. and paw-holding.
leaving class because, well, i need a nap. a 5pm nap. and a toasted bagel. and a hug.
devising plans on how to get myself out of this icy siberian tundra i call boston.
convincing the little girl i babysit that she doesn’t have a penis on her head, as much as she might like one.

no one prepared me for how “meh” senior year is. it’s not even sad, it’s more of a very bland hospital waiting room.
that smells like old egg salad and windex.
i’m totally okay with having things not figured out. i don’t even want them all figured out.
that’s boring as shizz, anyways.
i want to be nervous. i want be scared.

…and in the wise words of stevie nicks in an early demo of “sara”, “i wanna be a star, i don’t wanna be a cleaning lady!” 
{which has essentially become my post-grad motto}
i’ve been feeling like a cleaning lady in undergrad.
skipping classes to get $1 hot dogs and lobster tails at mike’s and still pulling b.s. a-minuses is putting me at cleaning lady status.

in some ways i’m shocked i’m about to finish my degree. lots of people were when i initally dropped out.  {god, that post is OLD}
i never went back because i was ashamed, ashamed of what not going to college was like.
if anything, it was to get the experience i wanted to have. i felt like my stories would be richer, my jokes more truthful, and it has done that, i think.

but ya’ll, i’m ready to bust out of this popsicle stand.
this is not to say i’m going to go spend my summer or first post-grad year in europe backpacking to gain “life experience” {i think that’s baloney. go to chicago. go to guam. go to freakin’ omaha. experience isn’t in a swede-filled european hostel, ya derps.}

i’m ready for something more challenging than $3 coffees and handing in lackluster pages.i’m ready to feel the itch. to feel these mustard-colored boots leave the comfort of scratchy cobblestones. to feel uncomfortable.

{this playlist is very much about busting out.
but it’s also good for those moments where you feel like torso-dancing in your car,
or had some turd be passive-aggressive to you at work, at starbucks, at your podiatrist’s office.
it will make you smile. and remember that eddie murphy once had a musical career.}


5 thoughts on “i don’t wanna be a cleaning lady, a playlist;

  1. listen up, the way you write and the way you put things together like egg salad and windex is pure magic. you make me excited to write. i’m excited for you. yeah. senior year is overrated.

  2. now your ready…..now your ready to leave one adventure and break into a new one….that’s brave….never underestimate your own bravery…many do not have such an itch.

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