i want to go to there, a reading list;

{old orchard beach, maine}

basically, ya’ll, my wanderlust is going crazy enough to make me want to say “ya’ll”. luckily, a one bedroom in manhattan is my destiny this summer, so thankfully i have some place to walk my new mom-ish shoes around {baby girl loves sensible shoes, even if they age me ten years}.  never have i been more excited to kiss my little floridian weiner dog, or buy mass amounts of mangoes in crates on a street corner in new york. these books are helping homegirl in the meanwhile.

{berlin} berlin stories by robert walser

{berlin + france + boston}  my berlin kitchen by luisa weiss
{the happiest places} the geography of bliss by eric weiner
{britain + america}  i’m a stranger here myself by bill bryson
{ireland}  irish journal by heinrich boll
{europe} neither here nor there by bill bryson
{actually, just read all of the bill bryson: appalachia, britain, australia, small town america}
{paris} the dud avocado by elaine dundy
{italy} la bella figura by beppe severgnini



4 thoughts on “i want to go to there, a reading list;

  1. The title of this post made me laugh out loud because I said this about five times today, all of those times being about rooftop bars 🙂

    And AH!!! A fellow Bryson fan! I was just selling friends on how awesome A Walk In The Woods is, along with all his other books. How is it that I haven’t heard or read of this one?! Going on the list, stat. Thanks so much for sharing!


  2. Umm, loved Berlin Stories! I picked it up for free somewhere…forget exactly where…just because it had Berlin in the title. It’s such a great way to experience the culture and the history of that lovely, lovely city.

    And my goodreads list is about to me much longer, thanks to you again. 😉

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