blog is getting a juice cleanse;


hey ya’ll.

if you couldn’t tell already, this blog has been needing some serious r&r.

it needs a face lift of sorts. maybe a tummy tuck. maybe a juice cleanse. who knows, but i’ve been thinking about doing it for months.

inspired by my dear friend jenna’s recent blog overhaul, i realized i can re-brand this space as much as i want. whenever i want. often i’d think i had something to “owe” to someone, but that’s a bunch of baloney. and uber self-righteous. and i’m not down with that.



if anything, i feel like i’ve outgrown this little space like an old, dried out cocoon. or one of those shells that $5-side-of-the-road hermit crabs live in.


in a way, i feel like i’ve outgrown “personal” blogging. “lifestyle” blogging. whatever you call it, i can’t seem to get a handle of it.

in short, i’m not very good at lifestyle blogging, because i’m not very good at lying or fabricating perfection out of my normal days. which, in their own ways, are perfect to me, but odd or dysfunctional seeming to the outside world.

i’d rather tell stories about how i once made two dogs so excited they peed themselves at the same time. or how i dated a guy who ended up dumping me because he thought he was allergic to me. or how i made the most horrible cake ever. or how i dropped out of college once. or met swedes in san francisco hostels. that’s the stuff i thrive off of; those are the stories i want to tell.


in short, my life doesn’t look like a j.crew catalogue, and it’s all too easy to make your blog life look like that, i know. and i’m feeling the need to step away from that sort of world. or at least back off for a bit.

i’m also too private for that. you know how people in the olden days say photographs steal your soul or something? i feel like blogging about various experiences that i treasure so much would make them less of my own memories and more of something that people could critique or strive to have happen in their own lives.

and guys, i don’t want any of you to strive to emulate any one else’s lives. whether it’s the stationery they use. or the pug they have. or the damn duvet cover they have. i feel like it’s very easy to fall down the rabbit hole of self-perfection. and i think i have the responsibility of presenting reality to you all.

with that said, i’m taking the next few weeks to create a new space that will not only be a good place for me to share things in, and i hope you all stick around for it.


7 thoughts on “blog is getting a juice cleanse;

  1. but yeah, hi, your writing is your life and i dig your style. AS LONG AS YOU PROMISE TO NEVER STOP WRITING!!!! don’t you ever so r being you. please.

  2. Oh so true. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with…the stories about the guys and the dogs are what made me love your writing in the first place! But always love whatever you bring to the table, lady. Have fun!

  3. I thought about it, and then I thought about it some more. And now I need to go away and think about it a little bit more- preferably while walking in joggers that don’t match my outfit. I hear what you are saying, I understand it, and I deeply respect you for having a) the ability to reflect; and b) the oomph to get up and actually do something about it. Try not to worry about taking even a long time to figure out the new space- if you even want to build a new space, which I think you do, but it is nice to acknowledge you have options. I’ve always appreciated your blog for showing us your awesome, clever sense of humour, vivaciousness and the confidence in knowing (or at least continually learning) who you are and what you like.

    I don’t know where you will take this new direction in your writing, but I think you’ll need a list of some description (maybe a list of what you do and do not like about your current space or what you want in your new space) and maybe a mind map to figure it out. The tools of dorks. 🙂

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