amazing racing;

5 hour bus +
7 hour bus +
9 hours of plane travel +
two 5-hour buses plus a 2 hour flight +
2 hour train… in one week.
the only way i’m getting through this is
by convincing myself i’m on amazing race…by myself…with a cat.

oh, and a mimosa. forgot that one.

be back soon, loves!


4 thoughts on “amazing racing;

  1. You took the kitty?!?! You must write a post about how to survive travel with a cat. I took Maus on ONE trip, and she yowled the entire time. On the return trip, I gave her a tranquilizer, and she STAYED AWAKE, yowling in a slightly more miserable way. Then she passed the eff out when we got home and I felt terrible and worried about her all night.

    • ahhh! poor baby! i’ll definitely have to. i got so many worried looks from everyone in the airport as soon as i walked in with her in my kitty back pack, so i think a post is merited by that hahaha

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